Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rebuilding The Razor

A follow up to the story of Scott Hall joining Jake "The Snake" Roberts at the home of Diamond Dallas Page to begin Yoga rehab and healthy living. The picture above is Hall's first workout with DDP. He looks how you'd expect a man at rock bottom would look.

Hall's battle with booze and drugs had once been a funny joke among fans and wrestlers. I remember during the NWO he was once on the home shopping network. He was cracking wise that his cup was full of vodka and that the hosts knew what he liked. Now I look back on it and maybe Hall was cracking wise, but three sheets to the wind.

This crusade to save Scott Hall all came from when DDP and Jake Roberts called Hall on DDPtv. Razor is clearly either drunk, high, or both during this call. The video was posted during the first of the year but Hall asked for it to be pulled. Now earlier this week it was put back up with an intro from Hall.

It's a sad and inspiring watch. You really pull for the guy because he comes off as a nice guy that can't get out of his own way. I hope this is the final chapter in a happy ending. I might have to go try this Yoga thing, it does so much for people with bigger issues than a spare tire.

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