Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Jimmy Jacobs Podcast

Over the weekend I talked about Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino doing a shoot interview together. It looks great. I'm a huge Jimmy Jacobs fan. I have been since I met in early 2000. He was "Jumping" Jimmy Jacobs. He would come to the ring wearing a big goofy hat and jumping around on a pogo stick. He also struck a cord with the fans. He came to the promotion we worked for as the little brother of Blitzkrieg Kid, and in months was shoe horning his way into the main event picture. He proved you can't keep true talent down.

One of my favorite dirt sheet sites is Lords of Pain. They put out a Podcast featuring an interview with Jimmy. It's a really good listen. They talk business, Olympics, WWE Hall of Fame, Age of the Fall, and Big Stars that act like morons. I recommend putting in the earbuds and letting this play. Like I said, it is a very entertaining interview.

Check it out:

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