Monday, August 27, 2012

Quick Hits

Long long weekend as I was in Georgia to start on Friday and ended it yesterday in Maryland. That's close to 1500 miles in three days. Life of a road comic, or a pro wrestler. I am excited to take a nap this afternoon. Then when I wake up it is time for Monday Night RAW!

Here is what to look forward to tonight:
  1. Triple H is going to talk about his future. Many people are playing it off that the Game is going to hang up the boots. I wouldn't be surprised if that happens tonight, but long term I wouldn't bet on it. The rumblings from the WWE rumor mill is that HHH and Brock will lock horns once more at the October "Hell in the Cell" pay per view. I expect him to talk about healing and then taking Brock out. HHH will never be the kind of guy to just say goodbye and walk off into the sunset. I think in a few years his last match will involve being stretchered out of the building. He thinks he is a middle ages knight that wants to be carried out on his shield.
  2. CM Punk and John Cena will continue their dance. Jerry Lawler will be involved. It looks like Lawler and Punk will hook up in the ring either tonight or next week. That should be good stuff. I have a feeling Cena and Punk is leading up to a respect match. I think once they are done dancing it ends with the loser having to tell the winner that he is "the best in the world" at the Night of Champions pay per view. I just wonder if that happens before Punk cripples Jerry Lawler.
  3. Daneil Bryan is going to anger management. The WWE keeps teasing that Charlie Sheen will be involved. These should be some entertaining segments for the next few weeks. Kane is going crazy too, but AJ is more focused on Bryan. Some how the Big Red Machine will be involved in this. That's good for Kane because Bryan makes him look better in the ring. This continues to make AJ look more like a face GM doing heel moves. Anybody calls her crazy and they get put in a squash match. If you're her ex, who tried to marry her, then you get anger management. It is a bizzare world we live in.
That's the three big points going into tonight. I also expect that Clay and Sandow to continue their thing. I have been a fan of the program and hope it keeps building with Sandow getting the upperhand on Clay, and thus making people crave to see him get his teeth kicked in.

Now I'm off to bed. Enjoy the show tonight and I'll review it tomorrow.

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