Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bitch or Succeed, You Can't Do Both!

I'm a big comic book fan. Thursday I picked up a copy of the much debated "Ghost Variant" for The Walking Dead 101. The uproar is that this cover was not put together by the comic company, but a group called "Ghost Variants". They commissioned an artist to do the cover, and paid for their own run of books with their cover. Now owners who didn't get into the pool are upset that their stores can't get the book. They claim they got screwed by these other owners.

This reminds me a lot of pro wrestling. All these different promoters sniping at each other because somebody feels they got left out in the rain. They would rather bitch about not being included than realizing the amazing window this opens.

The Walking Dead is probably one of the most recognizable titles in comics today. They allowed for this to happen because they know this can be a very profitable business for the comic industry. Now owners of shops can pool their resources and get exlusive covers for a wide range of comics. Will we ever see an X-men "ghost variant"? Probably not, but we will also probably never see John Cena wrestle for Chikara. What we can see is different artists and stores teaming up for great new items that draw in customers. That is always a good thing.

Pro wrestling promoters can do the same thing. If a promoter wants to bitch about what other promoters are doing then they can waste their time. Or they can take what those promoters are doing and build on it. Fix the mistakes if you will. What I mean is, don't bash a promoter's show but look at it as a whole, see the shortcomings/successes, and apply it to your own product. It will make the industry as a whole better. That is always a good thing.

Now for all those who enjoy comics then check out this great fan flick featuing Thomas Jane from the Punisher movie. He takes up the mantle of The Punisher (even if they can't officially say it). Plus my main man Ron Pearlman shows up. Hellboy for the win. This is a graphic short film so don't show it to the kids under 17. It is a very Mature Adult type film because of violence. Enjoy!

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