Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Little Something While You Wait

Been a crazy weekend, and a fun one. I headlined a sold out show in Virginia this weekend and had a blast. It is so funny how much pro wrestling and stand up comedy are the same. Even the little tricks from my days in wrestling apply to when I am on stage. Nothing better in either one than hearing the crowd go nuts when you're doing your thing. I don't know if this weekend was the perfect show, but it was sure a good time had by all.

I fell asleep last night before RAW. I had been with my son all day, and he tired me out. My wife was watching those real housewife shows. I choose sleep over hearing those broads talk. I'll watch RAW on DVR tonight and get a review in tomorrow. As you wait here is a funny audio dub of Jim Ross calling the amazing DeAndre Jordan dunk on Detroit's Brandon Knight.

Check back tomorrow for my weekly ramblings on WWE Monday Night RAW!

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