Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vote Nate Mattson!

TNA Wrestling is doing a Gut Check online poll to determine who will get a shot down the road to be part of the Gut Check segment on Impact. One of my good friends, and one of the best in-ring performers on the indy circuit, "Amazing" Nate Mattson is listed in bracket #2. He is currently in second place behind a guy from Europe. If you believe in America then you'll vote for Nate. If not then it is proof you're a communist.

Nate is one of the truly good guys in pro wrestling. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He is always helping young talent hone their craft. Just having him in a locker room makes a promotion better. He deserves this shot more than anyone I know.

When I was booking MMWA in Northern Michigan, one of the first guys I got on the roster was Nate Mattson. He could have a great match with anyone in any style. He also shoots straight from the hip, so if things weren't being done right he'd tell me. Honesty in this business is rare and valuable.

He used to hang out after shows and go over my match with me, even if it didn't involve him. He'd always find something I did right and almost everything I did wrong. While I was never going to be Jim Cornette or Bobby Heenan, I know I became a better worker because of Nate Mattson.

Now it is time that people took a chance on Amazing N8. He has had a hand in helping talents like Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Jimmy Jacobs, Petey Williams, and so many more. TNA should just skip the Gut Check gimmick and give the man a job. Until then he needs people's help getting into the next round.

Check out his Gut Check Video right here.

Now go vote for Nate Mattson, or the Europeans win! Don't let George Washington down. USA! USA! USA!

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